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I recently purchased a new smart phone, HTC Windows 7- although it is not an Android or an I Phone per say, it is a great phone- considered one of the best for multi- media. I like it as the screen is larger, it has a key board and is easy to read and a little easier on the touch than an I Phone. My husband has an I Phone and when I asked him the difference he struggled with an answer- so we started comparing and testing the mobile apps on our phone- some were the same and some a little different but all very similar with tons of options- yes I could get sports, weather, games, realtor.com, MLS and many others- one that was unique and fun was PianoPhone7 where you can play the keyboard on your phone. I also thought it was nice to add the Flashlight on my phone. Although I am not a techy by nature, I am determined to learn what all the buzz is about with the phones, new apps and emerging and changing technology.
Shelley Bryant