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Buying a home might be for an emotional reason versus just a financial investment or a tax write-off- its where you call your home and make ties, friendships and create lasting memories in your home. I still remember great memories from one of our past homes with our dog Kumo, who not only had dog friends on our street but kids that would visit him regularly- his fan club and of course a fox that would visit him from the fence…
I remember specific holiday dinners at our homes, parties, special occassions, memories that will last a lifetime.
I also know from owning a home now but renting in between selling a home, that it’s nice to make the improvements I want to make- whether it’s installing a new deck, trees, a fountain or pond, its my home to make changes that I want to without having to ask permission from a landlord. I can store clutter as I want in my garage, park on the driveway, and re-decorate/paint/remodel the home as I like.
There is no better feeling than owning a home rather than renting.