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This week I am spending time setting up the constant contact program, an email marketing method of sending newsletters, notes, cards, or events to my sphere and past clients. Is this worthwhile? While we all want to be conscious of being more green and wasting less paper is it a personal touch?
I think it can compliment some other marketing I do with direct mail postcards and meeting face to face with the people I know for my business. But I still like getting a four color postcard in the mail, and hearing from some of the business people I work with. With all the emails we get from all sources, it doesn’t have quite the impact as a card in the mail, or a knock on the door- doesn’t in just get lost in the shuffle of all the other emails?
So as much as I want to be green and this blog supports that goal, I do want to also have a personal touch with my clients. So, I will continue my postcards, and my events, parties and knocking on doors to stay in touch but I will try a little of this email marketing too and see what the response is.
Shelley Bryant, Denver Real Estate