I absolutely believe high quality marketing is an important component of selling and packaging the listing. Just as you would put your best packaging efforts forward on a product on a shelf, you want to put these same efforts into selling a home. Spending a little more on 4 color high quality brochures and postcards gives the home a higher quality feel and may make a lasting impression on a potential buyer. Although, many agents in this economy are cutting back on marketing expenses, I still believe print, postcards, brochures are still important in addition to internet advertising. Quality advertising is a very necessary and vital component of a top agent’s success and this is why I continue to do it and use a private marketing company to design my real estate materials.
Selling a home in this market is a combination of great marketing, the right pricing, and the home showing the best it can be.
Shelley Bryant, Broker/Owner, Villa Realty, 303-521-7085