You may feel that modern life is a constant juggling act between the commitments of work and home. But apparently, things are getting better: 24% better, to be precise.

That’s the finding of our new Work-Life Balance Index – a survey of more than 16,000 professionals in over 80 countries around the world. It looked at how much we’ve got on our plates and how happy we are that we’re getting the balance right, with surprising results:

Well over half of us (69%) enjoy work more now, than in 2010

Nearly 7 in 10 of us are happy with the amount of time we spend at home or on personal pursuits…

…And that’s despite the fact that a worrying proportion (63%) of us are working harder than ever as we’ve had to take on additional duties which haven’t been subsequently picked up by new employees

The majority of us (74%) feel that we’re achieving more at work than we were two years ago

So how’s this positive change come about? It’s simple: businesses have recognised that a good work-life balance makes people happier. And happy people are more productive.

So lots of companies have taken steps to help, like introducing flexible working (41% of respondents say their businesses have tried to shorten commute times). And there’s always more we can do ourselves to get the balance right.

Shelley Bryant, Broker/Owner Villa Realty, 303-521-7085